What a magnificent city this. We have thoroughly enjoyed our time here and have really relaxed and been able to do things at a leisurely pace. It has been excellent to catch up with people and see what they are all up to 30 years later. OUr time here has had a major sadness too as we learnt of the death of a very old, good friend. Andy Dove died very suddenly after finding out he had an internal melanoma. He was one of the worlds truly nice people and the world is the poorer for his absence. I am very sad to be missing his memorial service which is the day after we leave.

On a brighter note we have had some beautiful weather and been able to really make the most of the days.

The Jonny Clegg concert was wonderful with Tess and Thomas Agnew joining us as well two old University friends. Kirstenbosch is an amazing setting for anything – but perfect for Jonny Clegg

Cathy Marc Willy and I at Jonny Clegg

A couple days ago was an exception for Willy in terms of fun.  He has been trying to titivate the car ready for the next trip. One of his missions was to get the roof tent installed. This proved to be a very time consuming frustrating business. He set off early one morning dropping Andy and Sarah off at Table Mountain for them to climb. (it turned out to be a very hot day and they had in adequate water for the heat and were knackered by the end though pleased to have done it) I went and dilly dallied around Camps Bay expecting Willy home at 10..00am. He rang to say they were not nearly done and that he would be a while later. Sarah Andy and I decided to take the gap and go to Kenilworth factory shops as there was an Environ outlet there.Willy would pick us shorlty as soon as he finished his stuff.  It turned out to be the most disaffected , strangest set of shops ever. We quickly gapped it and went across to the Kenilworth Mall – duly telling Willy of the change in pick up place. This was a small and fairly downmarket lace with not too much to recommend it so we did our Woolworth shopping and sat on a bench waiting. ….and waiting. Text from Willly to say he would be a bit longer. Hungry by now so we decided to go to Alphen for lunch. I wanted to see could have been ours if not for the ne’er do well in our past. After standing for while and seeing we had no real prospect of a taxi we decided to get an African taxi. The guy , who was Cape Town born and bred, and an “out of the mould” Cape Coloured had never been to Constantia- let alone knowing where Alphen was. Sarah and Andy googled mapped it and directed. We got to the gate of Alphen which is now a very smart 5 star hotel and were stopped at security with the man jumping in front of the van.  The security man was pretty sure an African taxi had no business crossing his threshold. Our driver pointed to  us out in the back with a smug grin and VERY reluctantly we were allowed to pass. Sarah was still in her excercise stuff – I was in shorts badly in need of an iron,  Andy as usual raised the tone by looking his normal well turned out self. Anyway we hauled ourselves, our multiple Woolworth’s grocery bags out and sat at an outside table. Sarah and Andrew had lunch and I had a cup of tea. Willy (by the tone of his texts would be with us imminently) . The ladies who lunch (immaculately turned out) eventually left. We continued waiting, bill paid Willy should be here any minute. Little while later he said he would be leaving very soon. So we waited….. broke up the waiting with tours of the estate whist one stayed to baby sit the groceries. The afternoon crowd came in and pastries and afternoon tea served. They eventually left . The very solicitous waiter enquired if we would like something else, Sarah who had a headache continued to order water. We waited some more . The waiter joked we may need breakfast menus soon. Willy said he was leaving immediately and it didn’t take a genius to realise that he was very short on sense of humour after being messed about since 7.30. The evening drinks after work crowd arrived . Andrew and I had a beer and a glass of wine respectively – Sarah more water and we waited for Willy who was surely now imminent. A text came saying he was in traffic and had taken 45 mins to do 10 km. He did eventually come – roof tent installed on the car and parked under the Oaks right next to the restaurant. We all know there is nothing quite as excited as Willy with a new toy.  On hearing about Sarah’s headache he rushed off to put up the tent. It was with the greatest difficulty that we stopped him explaining that our reputation at the restaurant was not great anyway – given we were virtual squatters by then – the tent up outside the restaurant would have been one step too far

Andrew and Anne at Alphen - our home for many hours

Andrew and Anne at Alphen – our home for many hours

Wine route was good – La Motte specially nice (owned by Hanalie Rupert now). Boschendal a big                                                                                disappointment – crummy food , badly served too many flies.

Willy and Anne at La Motte

Willy and Anne at La Motte

Boulders beach was lovely with penguins in abundance. They appear to be very happy in their home with all the protection offered by being part of Table Mountain National park

Walking tour of Bo Kaap – great !

Hout bay lovely – fish delicious

Clifton Apartment

Clifton Apartment

Clifton at night

Clifton at night

Penguins at Boulders Beach

Penguins at Boulders Beach


Tomorrow is pack up day and we fly out at 4.45. So so sad to leaving Cape Town, all the lovely friends we have seen since day 1 of our arrival in SA , From JHB to Kenton (and the flood of memories that awoke) to Bulawayo, to Cape Town, the friends  incredibly nice children (now adult) with whom we have we have re -acquainted ourselves and with whom our children have now become friends, the people who have been so hospitable, the friendly staff at places we have stayed, the amazing things we have seen and of course our excellent travelling companions, all with us for various amounts of time, who all made it even better than can be believed.I am sure I will settle down again but its sure hard to say goodbye again.



4 thoughts on “CAPE TOWN

  1. Thanks for visiting this beautiful part of the world, and us!! It was SO good to see you. I’m going to miss you and your blogg!! Travel Safely – Hamba kahle! xx


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